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Empowering women to access justice

Shakti is a mobile-based intervention that empowers Indian women with low levels of literacy to enforce their rights and access legal and public health resources.


Connecting Women to Legal and Public Health Resources

Shakti is an organization that believes that all women, regardless of their literacy levels, should have the information and opportunities they need to enforce their legal rights.



Shakti aims to promote social equity by increasing access to justice. We provide Indian women the information they need through confidential, and easy to use resources, so they have a greater sense of control when their rights are violated. 

The information is delivered by "Shakti Aunty" - our neighborhood, non-judgmental, friendly aunty who is always available to help!


Shakti leverages the high mobile penetration rate in India to reach women who are otherwise cut off from the legal system. We create audio and visual content that provides

  1. legal information

  2. plans of action, and

  3. access to legal and public health resource

We are in the process of developing our pilot. Once implemented, women can call us or text us and navigate an automated interactive Voice Response System. We develop content on issues that affect women in India. Starting with Domestic Violence, we plan to cover Sexual Harassment, Rape, and Divorce, among other pressing issues.


The content delivery is simple and accurate, continuously accessible, unbiased, and available in local languages.

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I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.

B.R. Ambedkar