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To empower women with low levels of literacy to enforce their rights, and access legal and public health resources.

Give women the information they need in a way that they can understand so they can have a greater sense of control when their rights are violated, regardless of their literacy levels. 

Theory of Change

There are many barriers that prevent women with low levels of literacy from seeking help when their rights are violated. We believe that:

  • If women know that they have options when their rights are violated, they will want to know and understand them. 

  • If women do not have to reveal personal information to learn those options, they are more likely to search for them, as the women will not be judged or misled.

  • When information and options are within reach, easy to understand, and easy to follow, women will seek help. 

  • If women seek help, it will grow their support system, knowledge, and agency.

  • If women feel they have support and agency over their situation, they will take action to change their circumstances. 

  • If they change their circumstances, they will find safety and wellbeing. 


At Shakti we believe that access to justice begins with access to simple and relevant information, followed by connecting women to local resources. By providing women the information they need using formats and languages that they can access and understand, we can help them get one step closer to seeking help and finding relief. We recognize that women often find it hard to seek help by calling a helpline, or talking to someone about their situation and therefore we provide an automated service that removes the stigma from seeking help, and allows women to get the information they need in a private and secure format.

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