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Service Providers

Part of the value we provide to our beneficiaries is to refer them to nearby organizations that offer resources to address their health and legal needs. Such services include but are not limited to pro-bono legal help, physical and emotional support, monetary relief, shelter, and child-care. If you offer said services and are interested in identifying women who can benefit from your work, or if you believe that Shakti can add value to your offering, we would love to explore ways to collaborate.

Distribution Partners

While we believe that word-of-mouth will be a strong force in getting this service to the women who most need it, it is necessary to create strong enough awareness of Shakti for a network effect to kick in.

If your organization often interacts with or comes across women who show signs of physical, emotional, or economic abuse, we would like to partner with you. A partnership would entail telling those women about Shakti, the benefits they could gain from it, and encouraging them to call.

Relevant organizations may include but are not limited hospitals, schools, employers, and microfinance institutions.

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