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Shakti recognizes that trusted intermediaries are an essential part of the legal system and aims to equip them with the information they need. 

Trusted intermediaries are individuals (or organizations) that help connect people facing legal problems with actors within the justice system. They are not legal professionals and cannot provide legal advice themselves but they can be an important link between individuals with a legal problem and the professionals who are able to assist them.


People facing a cluster of issues may not even recognize that their problem is legal in nature. Key intermediaries can help people recognize a legal component, gain a basic understanding of the problem and possible next steps, as well as get a helpful referral to legal and social services.


For instance, if you are a neighbour, or community health worker and you think an elderly man in your neighbourhood is being neglected, you can be the trusted intermediary that:

  • recognizes elder abuse;

  • connects them to the resources they need.

Shakti provides intermediaries and bystanders with information about child abuse, elder abuse, and domestic violence. This information will be helpful for workplaces, schools, parents, and family members.

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